Made in Italy, Our Philosophy

Italy is a proven hub of design and famous for its creations of function, form, and style so we decided to bring Italy to you: from our team to our products.
Our philosophy based on “Made in Italy” starts with our origins. We are true italians, born and raised in Italy, we studied in Italy, we worked in Italy. We worked and travelled outside Italy to learn and embrace new cultures. We came back. We know our immense history, our tradition, the creation behind everything we design and build.
Our Italian supply chains and services, is a detailed foray into why Italy is the go-to choice for clients, investors and buyers across the world: a mix of innovation, high-quality materials, know-how and sustainability.
We understood the importance of passing the ‘made in Italy’ culture to others outside Italy.
Our italian team has been exposed and enriched with a large variety of cultures thanks to a broad international experience, this makes our design unique.

We design, we build, we decor ‘made in Italy’.

Once you choose IT, you never leave IT!
Professional Italian Designers in London
We design, we build, we decor ‘made in Italy’.

Professional Italian Designers in London

Melissa Collaro Design is a italian design team based on the collaboration and intertwining connection between professionals which offers a unique bespoke service build around you.

We offer a wide range of services, from Planning Permission, Building Regulation drawings, to furniture and build. We can provide you with a bespoke Italian team at each stage of your project, from concept to completed construction.
Our designs enhance the inherent character of the architecture and location, sympathetically blending the new with the original. Over the years we have recognised the profound importance of creating innovative and extraordinary spaces within the architectural envelope of a project.
Space planning and how it responds to the diverse lifestyles of our clients is a critical discipline in creating homes made for living and increasing the value of each property.
We believe in finding effective and simple solutions to complex problems that arise during any project in across disciplinary style, all done with ‘made in Italy’ in mind.
Italy has an extraordinary shape,an emblem crafted by nature and turned into culture.

Made in Italy is part of it, the history of our country which cannot be written in a single day and isn’t simply a result of a marketing strategy. It’s history, both complex and simple of craftsmanship, a sense of style and tradition of good taste of an innovative attitude and technical ability, of attention to details and creativity.

My personal experience confirms that this system of excellence characterises the design, fashion, jewellery and our entire manufacturing process. In my opinion, excellence is this : uniting a tradition of precise and skilful work with the aesthetic quality of our history.

Our great ambassadors are not just our works of art but also those products that are at the core of the quality of life, like clothing, dwelling, the ability to offer hospitality from food to tourism.

So, if I have to think about what the objective of Made in Italy is , I would say that it is to enable those who choose it around the world, to live better.

Giorgio Armani and his idea of Made in Italy

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