Financing for your project

We help nail down your budget before finding you the right finance options and insurance for your project.

What to expect

With Melissa Collaro Design, money is one less thing to worry about. We work closely with you to define what budget you’ll require, before helping you navigate financing your project. Through Melissa Collaro Design finance partners we have access to many lenders to ensure you get the right advice.

How it works
Step 1
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Once your designs are confirmed, we’ll work with you to provide a professional estimate on everything from timings, labour required, and cost of materials - giving you a detailed breakdown of the budget you’ll need.

Step 2
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Once we’ve got a good idea of your requirements, our advisors will be on hand to advise on funding your project. Whether this means moving around your savings they’ll find a route that’s tailored to you.

Step 3


Our finance partners will not only work with your existing provider, they’ll also explore hundreds of other options, providing expert advice and the right deal for you.

The Collaro difference

At Melissa Collaro Design can you get mortgage advice married together with architectural. All too often, high street lenders will fail to consider the value you’ll add to your proprty when they lock you in, meaning you could end up paying thousands in unnecessary interest.

Our thoughtful approach means you still get the funds you need but at an interest rate that works for you.

About our Finance Partner

Our experienced former senior bankers who understand businesses along with both the property and the banking market. They know how lenders make their decisions and use our expertise to structure and best present your borrowing requests to achieve a successful outcome.
In addition to well-known high street banks, they have excellent relationships with a wide range of specialist lenders who have a strong appetite to support customers and businesses, enabling them to offer competitive and creative solutions to your financial needs.
Ther are a hands on team that supports our clients in developing their plans prior to formally seeking facilities. We develop, build and enhance long term relationships with both our clients and lenders based on trust, integrity, creative solutions and speed of execution.


Our Finance partners are very experienced in property lending with a vast network of lender contacts from High Street Banks to Private Individuals. They are therefore very well positioned to be able to source the right lender for each transaction, meaning the required financing can be secured relatively quickly. This in turn frees up the client’s time to dedicate to what they do best.
This approach also provides further added benefits as it will ensure the very best deals available are secured, which would not necessarily be available via a direct approach to the lender market.

Key benefits:

  • Time saving
  • Access to the entire market
  • Through trusted and well established relationships, the best deals can be secured


Through an initial consultation our Finance partnes would look to gather some key information about you and the transaction before engaging with prospect lenders. 

When satisfied that both positive appetite and the best indicative terms have been secured, these are then shared with the client. 

The next steps assuming satisfaction to proceed, would be to formally appoint our Finance partner to act on your behalf, following which they would liaise with the lender and the client to gather the full information requirements and they would continue with the process all the way through to completion, leaving the client input to as little as possible.

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