MC Architecture:

Best Multi-Disciplinary Design Practice
– London & Leading Surveyors of Italian
Design Services & Products – UK

MC Architecture is an Italian design team whose bespoke service offering is based on the collaboration and intertwining connection between an array of experienced professionals.

Since its inception MC Architecture has been always focused on residential and retail projects. Over the years, thanks to its well-structured organisation and the type of services it provides, the firm has come to work with hospitality, healthcare and public clients alongside its typical base.

For every client the firm aims to offer taste of true Italian culture, class and hospitality, creating products that have the ‘Made in Italy’ stamp on them to showcase their heritage and quality.
With a branch in Milan and partnership in New York, the firm offers the benefits of an international reach and provides bespoke solutions to a range of clients. The team work closely with any type of clients in the private, commercial and public sectors throughout every stage of the project, from the beginning to the completion offering a vastity of services including feasibility studies, concept designs and bespoke furniture.

Drawing on their vast expertise in design, the firm’s team believe in finding effective and simple solutions to complex problems that arise during any project in across disciplinary style. The firm’s diverse service offering encompasses everything from planning and surveying through to admin support and fiscal advice.

As such, clients know that they will receive a fully-integrated service when they work with MC Architecture and feel confident that their project will be completed to the highest possible standard no matter what solutions they require. Architecture, interior design and even project management services can be offered by this diverse and talented team of industry experts.

On a mission to promote a different strategic approach to the architecture and construction sector, providing a cost-effective solution with the coordination of the whole project with only one point of contact, MC Architecture’s experts are able to ensure that they always receive the support they need to create their dream space. The environments the company creates and builds are all carefully tailored to the expectations of its clients to enhance their customers’ experience. Every client knows who they are working with and creates a personal relationship with their project manager.
Innovative and dedicated to providing its clients with cutting-edge solutions, upon request, MC Architecture can provide an executive design supported by virtual reality, so the client can virtually walk in their future designed space, viewing this through 3D glasses. Such commitment to providing clients with the innovative service they expect is what sets this dynamic company apart from its competitors.
To drive the architecture market forward, over the coming years MC Architecture will aim to build their own internal platform, so every client can track, make comments, download or upload information on their project, allowing them full accountability and the chance to personalise their experience. The team are also looking to integrate solutions such as BIM into its offering to ensure it is ahead of emerging market changes. As the architecture market grows increasingly digital this will be a crucial development that will allow MC Architecture to remain the best choice for its clients.
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