Front House Extension

Why not think about building a house front extension if you require more living space and have some extra room at the front of your home?

House front extensions, often known as porches, provide your home’s front with more depth and dimension while also protecting it from the elements and enhancing its visual appeal.

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Are you considering expanding your front but unclear on how to do it? You are fortunate. This article answers practically all of your questions about building a front addition, including those regarding construction codes, plans, and pricing.

Generally speaking, an extension will increase the value of your home and can help you change a home to match your needs. There are some circumstances, though, in which it would be much wiser to utilise the money for something else. It is remarkable what may be accomplished with some careful planning when a house has the space our clients require or the garden is too tiny to develop into.
However, we do feel that you should always engage a professional to help you with any renovations to your home and we have dedicated a complete blog article to this issue, which you can simply click here to book a FREE consultation.

Architects, who are professionals with extensive understanding of design, planning, building codes, and materials, can save you a lot of time and ensure that we can maximize the potential of your home and increase its worth via design.

Rules for home front extensions

Your front extension must fulfill certain requirements, like with every project, in order to be deemed compliant. These requirements are in place to make sure your front extension is secure and does not endanger the environment. Some of these rules are represented by the Planning Approval. Only when building front additions is outside of your authorized development rights you need planning permission. In this situation, you will need to submit your building designs for review by the Planning Local Authority.  This procedure normally takes about 12 weeks to complete, which excludes the time needed to prepare your application.

What is the price of a house front extension?

The price of a housefront addition will vary depending on the size, construction materials, finishing, and location of your home.

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You should include fees for planning permission, building regulations,  final fixtures, finishing, and hiring professionals when estimating the cost of your front house extension.

A housefront expansion could cost anywhere between £1,500 and £3000 per square meter.


You can concentrate your financial resources on the aspects of the build that are most important to you if your budget is well-defined. Budget-conscious homeowners must make detailed plans and follow them because modifications frequently result in fees. A well-planned strategy avoids costly changes and makes it possible to control expectations. Nothing is worse than starting a big project and not finishing it, which affects your living situation in the end!

Reclaimed wood, bamboo rods, and cork sheets are some budget-friendly materials that offer plenty of character and personality to your home without sacrificing design or practicality. Utilize lightweight materials to reduce construction costs overall by using fewer labor-intensive materials. Materials like bamboo have also gained international recognition for their sturdiness and sustainability, which is great news for eco-conscious households!

Reduce planning fees by designing your addition inside the permissible development rights; you’ll pay about £206 less. Maintaining good relations with your neighbors is also essential to avoid paying a costly £1,000 for a formal Party Wall agreement or needing to hire a professional surveyor. Eight weeks prior to the start of the work, advise your neighbors in writing of your extension intentions; ideally, they will respond in writing stating that they have no problems.

Common drawbacks and how we can help

They are a few issues associated with a housefront extension like missing the bigger picture, not getting the planning approval, forgetting your neighbors, picking the wrong material, and hiring shady builders. The good news is that we can help with that!

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