Frequently Asked Questions

Straightforward answers to some of the most common questions we hear

Customers are often surprised at how many people are involved in even a simple construction project. Therefore, we have attached a detailed report to the plan outlining who to consult at each stage of the build.

Depending on your project, you may need to use one of the following:
– architect
– A Structural Engineer
– Your local council`s planning department
– A Drainage Surveyor
– Building Control or an Approved Inspector
– A Party Wall Surveyor
– Builders
– Building Control or an Approved Inspector
– Various Tradesmen
For more information on the end-to-end process and associated steps to extend your home, please call us


The majority of our customers want to see the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective solution to create more space in their chosen area of ​​their home. But we can also create what we call “the art of possibility.” We take you from simple to great and everything in between.

Let us know what you want us to think boldly about your space when discussing extensions during your initial consultation.

At the start of your project, our team will come to West London to conduct a survey of your home. We Create digital twin of your home using off-the-shelf lasers instead of traditional manual methods. These are then converted into existing drawings and referenced by our team throughout the process, eliminating the need for further visits.

Yes. We carry professional indemnity insurance with a limit of £250,000.

We have the qualifications, expertise, and long track record of satisfied customers. MC Architecture is staffed with a number of ARB and RIBA registered architects, along with surveyors and architectural technologist so projects are managed safely.

There is no legal obligation to have an architect by your side. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take hiring seriously. For large-scale projects, whether extensions, major renovations or new construction, the architect will ensure that the project gets the most out of it and that all legal requirements are met. The architect can also help you with things like advising on budgets and contractors.

Book a free consultation here and learn more about the benefits of being an architect.

What information do I need to provide for you to start work on my extension?
As soon as you sign up to Resi we will walk you through our easy-to-follow process.

We’ll ask you for:

Your name, contact details and the address of the property in question
Basic information about the property
Your preferred style, estimated budget and a brief description of what you are looking to achieve
Your expectations on timings
Uploads of floor plans, inspiration or existing photos of the property (all optional)

We will always let you know if we require further information before we start drawing.

Learn more about the benefits of architects by booking a FREE consultation here.

As soon as you sign up with MC Architecture will walk you through an easy-to-follow process.

We will ask you about:

Name, contact information, property address
Basic information of the property
A brief description of your desired style, approximate budget and what you want to achieve
expectations of timing
floor plan, inspiration, or existing photos of your property (all optional).

I will always let you know if I need more information before I start drawing.

In this important step, a MC Architecture surveyor will visit your property and measure the existing dimensions of your home. We also take a series of photos to help our designers fully visualize your space. Once this is done, these measurements are converted into a set of existing drawings. Depending on the type of development you are carrying out, we include floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans, roof plans and anything else that both our designers and the local planning authority need. In most cases, a survey is required unless you have a set of CAD drawings on hand at home.

Yes. We will prepare all the necessary information and drawings required for your project and submit your application to your local council as your agent. You will be liable for the fee, which you will have to pay directly to your local authority.

Although we have not the power of grant the application, as your agent, we will liaise with the council on your behalf with any queries or requests that they have to make it happen.

MC Architecture provides all architectural services needed to prepare for construction.

These include:

Measured survey
home design
3D models and interactive walkthroughs
Planning Permission
party wall Survey
Structural engineering
Building regulations

Plus, we put you in touch with the best local contractors in your area so you can safely start the construction phase.

We are the perfect starting point for any homeowner looking to completely transform their property. We guide you step-by-step through all the planning details while creating a space that perfectly fits your home’s needs can be freely designed. Send home details, view perspective designs, and chat with architects. All of this can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Expressed simply:
MC Architecture gives you all the benefits of architecture without the headache.

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