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Welcome to Melissa Collaro Design! As an innovative and elegant interior designer in Chelsea, our goal is to create functional spaces that exceed your expectations. With a specialization in loft conversions, we offer unique and transformative designs that will elevate your living space to new heights. Explore our portfolio and let’s bring your vision to life together!



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Creating Functional Spaces for Loft Conversions

At Melissa Collaro Design, we understand that each loft conversion is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our team of specialists excels at maximizing the functionality of your loft space while creating a visually captivating design. Whether you are looking to create an additional bedroom, home office, or entertainment area, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

With our extensive knowledge in interior design and understanding of structural constraints, we ensure that every inch of your new loft is utilized efficiently. From optimizing storage solutions to creating seamless transitions between different areas, our goal is to make your loft conversion not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for everyday living.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, working with Melissa Collaro Design means collaborating closely with a dedicated professional who values open communication and client satisfaction. We take pride in delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations and transform ordinary lofts into extraordinary spaces.

Discover how Melissa Collaro Design can help you unlock the full potential of your loft conversion project in Chelsea. Experience first-hand how our focus on functionality combined with innovative design can elevate your living space like never before.

How it works

Step 1

Measured Survey

We’ll visit your home to get all the measurements needed for getting your project started.

Step 2

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Proposed Design

Our skilled designers work closely with you to produce architectural drawings that bring out the best in your home.

Step 3

Planning Permission

Using our team of in-house planning officers, we’ll manage your chosen planning route on your behalf.

Step 4

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Building Regulations

One the planning is approved we go-ahead to build with our expert technical drawings and a team of vetted construction experts.

Why Loft Conversions are Right for Your Needs

Creating unique loft designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while expressing your personal style is our specialty at Melissa Collaro Design. Our interior design services in Chelsea are tailored to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary living areas, increasing the value of your property and making a striking statement.

By choosing our loft conversion services, you are not only investing in a beautiful transformation but also adding significant value to your property. A well-designed loft space can increase the overall market price and desirability of your home, ensuring a solid return on investment. With our expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional designs, we guarantee that your loft conversion will be an asset that sets your property apart from others in the neighbourhood.

We understand that you may have concerns about the process and costs associated with converting a loft into a stunning living area. However, rest assured that at Melissa Collaro Design, we prioritize transparency and work closely with our clients to create designs within their budgetary constraints. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through every step of the process, from initial concept development to final installation, ensuring a seamless experience.

Don’t settle for an ordinary living space when you can have an exceptional one with our unique loft conversions. Experience the joy of personalized expression combined with increased property value by entrusting us with transforming your loft into a masterpiece. Let us bring your vision to life and create an awe-inspiring space that reflects who you are while adding substantial value to your home or business.

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